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Happy Baby is dedicated to providing the perfect diapers to ensure comfort and mobility. Your baby deserves the freedom to move while staying cozy and dry.

Choose The Right Size for Your Baby 

Size Weight Case Quantity
Small Under 14 lbs 180
Medium 12 to 24 lbs  144
Large  22 to 35 lbs 120
Extra Large  Up to 37 lbs 108

Happy Baby diapers are offered in four different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your baby. Your child’s diaper size is based on weight, but some babies may wear a different size than their weight suggests, so be sure to order a size up when the diapers begin to get a little snug. 

Refastenable tabs and a soft, flexible waistband adjust to help Happy Baby diapers perfectly fit your child to keep them comfortable and dry. You don’t have to worry about the diaper chafing or sliding out of place, your baby has the freedom to explore the world.

Ultra Absorbent

No one, especially baby, enjoys leaks or blowouts. That’s why Happy Baby diapers are designed to stop spills. They have an ultra absorbent gel core and channels to capture liquids, with reinforced fabric tape that holds up to hefty events. The flexible waistband stops blowouts from spilling up the back, and the double anti leak barriers catch leaks before they happen. 

Thanks to the moisture indicator you don’t have to guess or go in for brave diapers sniffs when it might be time to change your baby. The line will turn blue to let you know the exact moment your baby needs a new diaper. 


Give your baby a comfortable start with an ultra absorbent diaper that provides hours of protection with the help of absorbent channels. Happy Baby diapers are made to fit the individual needs of your baby to keep their skin soft and healthy. That’s why these diapers are extra plush and hypoallergenic with chamomile, aloe, and vitamin E. Plus, they have a fresh clean scent for everyone to enjoy! 


Aeroflow Diaper Club provides high quality diapers at a low, affordable cost. Our monthly subscription operates at a fraction cost other diaper clubs, with incredible diapers that are shipped directly to your home. 

Our price is honest, with no hidden fees. Plus, shipping is free. 

The Happy Baby Advantage 

Happy Baby diapers are mom-trusted and approved for their comfortable, soft and breathable fabric that protects your baby’s skin with hypoallergenic materials, such as soothing chamomile, aloe vera, and vitamin E with a fresh clean scent. They also have a soft adjustable waistband for the perfect fit with refastenable fabric tape. 

Along with comfort, Happy Baby Diapers also provide durability by being super absorbent with an innovative gel core to catch liquids, double anti leak barriers, and reinforced fabric tape. These diapers are built to handle anything your baby sends their way. 

Your baby will be clean and dry, plus the built in moisture indicator will turn blue to let you know when your baby needs to be changed.

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